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Frozen yogurt is also referred to by the masses as “froyo”. It’s consisted of milk solids, little milk fat, active culture and sweeteners. By weight, frozen yogurt is consisted of less than 1 percent milk fat, compared to 20 percent on premium ice cream. Frozen yogurt is widely preferred because it contains much less milk fat compared to many other dairy products. This also means that frozen yogurt offers lower calorie and what really sets it apart from the rest is the presence of active and live cultures. Beneficial microorganisms in frozen yogurt offer plenty of health benefits, so froyo is one of the healthier options that people can enjoy.

Frozen yogurt was first developed in New England in the 70’s as a delicious soft dessert. Not too long after that, there were packaged products that hit the shelves and they became instant hit. Its popularity continues to soar ever since and many froyo shops are popping up around the world. Today, the frozen yogurt industry is stronger than ever and it continues to satisfy public’s craving for cold, healthy treats. Frozen yogurt is preferred by people who want something healthier than common ice cream. Frozen yogurt certainly comes out as the big winner compared to other dairy products in terms of nutritional benefits.

Although frozen yogurt still contains sugar, it’s no higher than common ice cream. This won’t turn the otherwise healthy, much-loved dessert into a weight-gaining evil. Froyo can also be combined with various healthy topping to make it an even more delectable treat.

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When it comes to tasty desserts, consumers have been enjoying health benefits of frozen yogurt for decades.

It’s a balanced and healthy choice, unlike other fat-filled dairy products like milkshakes and ice cream.
Frozen yogurt is a highly nutritious choice, it has enough milk fat maintain smoothness in texture, but low enough to help people lose body weight.

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