SmooJo Franchise

Homemade froyos for you

By joining our franchise program, franchisees obtain more than just the knowhow of running a frozen yogurt business. Franchising is the way to go for aspiring businesspeople to grow. Smoojo provides continuing assistance and supports for franchisees to ensure success and profitability. We have proven business model that guarantees success and minimize risks. We provide not only consultations and advices, but also evaluations to make sure franchisees are on the right track. We have very clear standards on ensuring efficient business operations and the right tactics to attract plenty of consumers.

2011 was the start with the first shop in Luxembourg-City and 2014 we had our first franchise in Esch. 2016 a second franchise opened in Metz (F). We are still looking for people who want to open their own SmooJo-shop (or shop-in-shop) in their area (Luxembourg, Germany, France and Belgium) We have a lot’s of ideas and plans for the future and if you want to take part in this adventure, please contact us, and together we will find the best possible solution for your business.

Smoojo’s franchisees benefit from lower costs in equipments, materials, tools and ingredients. This allows them to offer occasional discounts and deals to consumers while maintaining healthy profitability. By joining Smoojo’s team, franchisees get instant brand recognition and it isn’t necessary to invest so much time and money to achieve this important marketing status. We have comprehensive marketing, sales and promotions packages that can be applied directly by franchisees. Each franchisee is responsible for serving consumers in specific area and they will effectively appeal to consumers who are looking for healthy, tasty desserts. We provide guidance for real estate and interior portion of the business. Franchisees get highly optimized locations for their business to ensure that more and more people will visit their shop.